Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Night Quick Craft

Project materials
I've started to set aside items that I think could be used in random crafts. On this rainy Tuesday evening I went ahead and picked up the orange mesh from the top of a clementine box. I had been eye-ing them for several days and had an idea.

I had bought some small basic wooden frames from Joann's this past summer. I had taken the time to paint the frames, but had never got around to using them.

Using a staple gun I attached the mesh to the frame.

 After trying to organize my earrings "neatly" on the edge of the bathroom sink for weeks on end (unsuccessfully I might add), I decided I needed a better system. Using the wooden frames and the orange clementine mesh I made cute and practical frames for all my earrings.

This project took less than 15 minutes, keeps plastic out of the landfill, looks great, is functional and should last me a good long time!


First one done!
I never said I was concerned about hanging things evenly!



  1. Love this! You should have waited until next week so I could make some, too :)