Saturday, January 14, 2012

365 Challenge - the first two weeks

With the second week of 2012 coming to a close, I thought I would give an update on how my 365 Challenge was going. To recap the project: I plan to find one item in my home everyday to get rid of. At the end of the year, I will have gotten rid of 365 items! Quick recap of the rules:

1) If something got replaced, it didn’t count.

2) Every item counted as one item. No extra points for big stuff or expensive stuff: whether it was a pair of earrings or a moped, it counted as one.

3) To keep my honest, I’d take a picture of each item. At the end of the year, I should have 365 pictures.

From the beginning I did have a bit of an advantage. While unpacking holiday decorations I had been eying several items, thinking that I really didn't need them at all. So, I was off to a perfect start. Also, I will admit that I have already broken rule number 3. I haven't been taking a picture of each item each day (in most cases), but rather putting the in a box, then taking the picture at the end of the week.

Week 1
Week 1 - I parted easily with some Christmas candles that weren't lit once this season, a vase that had come with flowers, a Christmas themed coffee mug I bought at Starbucks, two snowflakes bowls and a snowflake plate.

Week 2 - I was able to sell my Nintendo DS and three games to a friend (never used it, didn't need it), a 3-foot tall artificial Christmas tree (never came out of the box this year), Directv (yes, I cancelled my service and will now be saving $95.00 per month and have loads of free time on my hands!), lastly I pass along one of my old pair of alpine skis to my Mom- hopefully she will use them more than me (which was pretty much never).

Nintendo DS (along with 3 games- not pictured)
So far, I feel like this challenge has been a definite success. I've have found it fairly easy to find things to part with and am actually finding it hard not to just pile things up all at once. I anticipate though, that as the months roll by I may find it harder to find things to get rid of or harder to part with items. I hope this isn't the case, I hope that I am strong enough willed to know that the stuff I own doesn't own me.

Bye Bye Directv!
As for my other resolutions, I would say that I am doing quite well. Amazingly I am sticking to my healthy eating plan and have had great success in cutting down on added sugar and uber processed foods. My goal for the coming month is to become a member the local food co-op and begin buying what foods I can in bulk. I am also going to start baking more bread and rolls at home and plan to continue to cut out added sugar and processed foods from my diet.

With snow finally on the ground, I am able to get out and snowshoe, x-c ski and to play with the pups. I am starting to use my bike trainer more and prep for my 100 mile ride this summer. There is also a good possibility that I may be part of a 2 person team in the KeyBank Marathon in Burlington in May. So, I have plenty of reasons to get up and get moving this winter and coming Spring.

As for the tote bags- I've stuck to that one completely (and even had to deal with carrying an armload of groceries after leaving my bag in the car). I have been very good with the to-go cup resolution as well. I will admit, not perfect, as I did forget my to-go mug on a recent trip to Boston and was in much need of coffee. The giving up added sugar and cutting back on caffeine has helped when I am out and about, especially without my mug. No mug, no latte. Aside from all that I really haven't had the need to purchase much stuff, so have done well sticking to the other resolutions. Of course, it is only the end of week two of the new year, guess we'll have to see how I'm doing at month eight!

More Pictures from Week 2:

I would rather use a live tree than a plastic one that was made in China!

Alpine skis- not used in years

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  1. Good job! I love the resolution. And I will admit if I didn't have a roommate, I wouldn't have directv or cable either, but since I have it it is hard not to watch. I also love the idea of making homemade rolls and bread, but I would do that if I had decided to cut down on bread and pasta. Though I did get a kitchenaid mixer for christmas and love it! Good Luck.