Monday, April 18, 2011

The Chair

The dog chair.
 When my husband and I first moved to the Montpelier area several years ago we started to collect and scavenge for furniture for our apartment. Much our stuff was "borrowed" from my parents house. Others were picked up on the side of the road or given to us by friends. One lovely piece we acquired was an old green chair. It was very tattered, but comfortable. Initially I covered it with a blanket and hoped that no one would take a close look at it.

 We got our first dog, Devin, after we moved into a bigger place a little farther outside of Montpelier. I take the blame for letting her jump up and sleep on the couch and bed. Her favorite piece of furniture though, that ugly green chair. I am guessing it's her favorite because she can sit (or stand) on it and look out the window.

Odin our new puppy!
I never really thought about fixing the chair until we had a new pup join the family. We picked up Odin from a local boarding kennel (that adopts out dogs) this past week. Although he is adorable and crate - trained, he has a knack for picking up things (that are not his) as well as romping around  the small living room. The moment I knew I had to do something about this chair was when I came around the corner and saw him attempting to eat the stuffing and pick at the strings of upholstery hanging off.
All patched up!

Devin and Odin lounging  

During a lazy day yesterday I figured I would tackle patching the massive holes. I grabbed a bit of scrap fabric I had and went to work. Now that the job is finished, I am loving the look of it. It's only a chair for the dog - no need to be beautiful. I plan to continue to patch the chair, as the dogs toe nails continue to pierce the already worn fabric.

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