Sunday, May 15, 2011


Box of Corks!
Over the past year or so I have started collecting beer bottle caps and corks and more recently milk jug and bottle caps. They are great for crafting, and unfortunately not recyclable - just doing my part to reduce waste! With all this rain we've been having I took advantage and had a craft day today. I have always wanted to make my own cork boards. Although I have a few store-bought ones around, they will make great addition to the house as functional items, decoration or as gifts.

 Last week I went to my new favorite store - the ReStore in downtown Barre, VT. It is a re-sale store that is completely filled with donated items. There I picked up a bunch of old picture frames- many of which didn't have backing or glass and honestly looked -pretty shabby. I also looked around and found a big box of corks. I know I already had a bunch - but who can pass up a box of them for $3! I also picked up some craft paint to paint the frames with. What's better? I walked out with a big box of corks, 4 small bottles of craft paint and 6 frames for $9.00! Needless to say I plan to be a frequent shopper!

Frames from ReStore all painted!

The day that I actually went shopping it was a beautiful sunny day. I took the opportunity to set up the painting portion of my project on the front porch. What better way to craft than relaxing on the porch in the May sun! I took advantage and painted 3 frames and left them out to dry.

After getting side-tracked the past few days, I picked up the corks today and started working. Using cardboard boxes I cut out and glued on backing for each frame. My next task was to place all the corks in the frame. This turned out to be a little harder than I thought. Not all corks are the same size. Each one was a fun puzzle, especially since I love things to be symmetrical! Once I had the corks in a pattern I liked, I glued each one individually.

Finished products!
Large Frame!

Medium Frame- avocado green!
What I got - 3 pretty awesome cork boards. I am excited to hang at least one in the house and either sell the other two or give them away as gifts! I did paint a fourth frame this afternoon and plan on gluing a few broken ones this week and making a few more cork boards in the near future. I might even try to make a wreath! Enjoy!

The little frame!

3 frames all ready to be hung up, sold or given as gifts!

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